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Benbow Inn is a location featured in the 2002 Disney film of the same name.


It was the tavern, owned by Sarah Hawkins, living here with her son Jim in the planet Montressor. Their friend Dr. Delbert Doppler was a regular client into the restaurant. When Jim rescue the alien pirate Billy Bones, the tavern was destruct by John Silver searching the map to Treasure Planet. After that the adventure in the planet was ended, the tavern was renovated with the diamonds offered by John Silver to Jim. B.E.N. work here like a waiter.


An renovated Benbow Inn

Benbow Inn resembles to a typical 18th port tavern like in Stevenson's novel, although the story is an futuristic adventure. This tavern was very modest before its destruction. When renovate, it became a luxuous etablishment.


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