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Ben Parker, typically known as Uncle Ben, was the uncle of Peter Parker and the husband of May Parker. He was a kind, older man who was Peter's father figure as Peter's parents died when he was younger. He is tragically killed by a criminal that Peter didn't stop despite having the chance to do so. His death would teach Peter that with great power comes great responsibility, a philosophy that he took to heart when he chose to become the superhero known as Spider-Man.


Ultimate Spider-Man

Spider-Man has referenced Ben's death a couple of times when talking about his morals. Ben appeared in the episode "Strange Days" where  Nightmare tries to use the failure of Peter being unable to save his uncle's life against him, but it doesn't work. Peter's even grateful that he gets to see Ben again as his uncle encourages him to take the villain down. He was voiced by Greg Grunberg.


  • Ben has been portrayed by Cliff Robertson and Martin Sheen in the two Spider-Man film series made by Sony.

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