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"Bein' Nice Is Easy" is a song from the Disney Junior Goldie & Bear episode "Big Good Wolf." The song features the characters Goldie and Bear teaching the Big Bad Wolf how he can be nice. It also includes a brief spoken line by Little Red Riding Hood.


Goldie: If you wanna be a nicer guy
Well, all you gotta do is try
With practice you might find
Bein' nice is easy

Bear: Just stop before you trick or steal
Just think how would it make you feel

Goldie and Bear: When you listen to your heart
Bein' nice is easy

Easy, peasy, ooh, ooh...

Big Bad Wolf: Even if it doesn't seem to fit

Goldie and Bear: La la la, easy, peasy... Ooh...

Big Bad Wolf: I don't wanna give up, I won't quit

Goldie and Bear: La la la, easy, peasy

Big Bad Wolf: (Hi, Red. You don't wanna get those lovely shoes all muddy, do ya'?)

Little Red Riding Hood: (Thanks!)

Big Bad Wolf: (Hey, that was nice!)

Goldie: (Yes!) I knew that you could do it

Bear: I did too

Big Bad Wolf: Well, you walked me right through it

Goldie and Bear: We were happy to

Goldie, Bear and Big Bad Wolf: With good friends around you
Bein' nice is easy
Bein' nice is easy
Bein' nice is easy, easy peasy.


  • The song's official music video gives the title as "Being Nice Is Easy," however, the song is credited as "Bein' Nice Is Easy" in the credits for "Big Good Wolf."

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