"Behind the True-Life Cameras/Olympic Elk" is an episode of Disneyland. It aired on September 21, 1955.


James Algar, the writer-director of Walt Disney's "True-Life Adventures" short subject series, takes the viewers of the TV anthology Disneyland behind the scenes to show how these remarkable documentaries are made. Segments include photographers Clare and Bill Anderson filming on location in the Everglades, and Bob Crandall doing close-up photography of a busy ant colony. The second half of this one-hour episode consists of the 1952 "True-Life Adventure" theatrical release The Olympic Elk. This vibrant saga of the annual elk migrations in Washington State's Olympic Peninsula was later recycled as part of "Disneyland 61", an episode of the Walt Disney Presents anthology.

James Algar takes us behind the scenes of a True-Life adventure in The Everglades and in a desert with Bob Crandall.