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Video games Epic Mickey
Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two
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Voice None
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Personality Destructive, evil, heartless
Appearance See below
Occupation Enemies
Goal Follow orders by the Shadow Blot and the Mad Doctor
Home Cartoon Wasteland
Allies The Shadow Blot, the Mad Doctor, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (formerly)
Enemies Mickey Mouse, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
Likes Invading the Wasteland
Dislikes Being destroyed
Powers and abilities

Beetleworx are enemies in Epic Mickey. Originally created as a construction crew for when Oswald ruled Wasteland, they subsequently became the Shadow Blot's Shock Troops when the Blot Wars began. They are built from discarded Audio-Animatronic bits, and are part "painted" and part "inert". Using paint on them however can gum up their works and slow them down, handy in situations where the heroes are cornered. In the first game, destroying them will fill Mickey's Guardian gauge green, due to thinning out the shell. Models include Tankers, Bashers, Spinners and Hoppers. Like Spatters, they take on different forms in different areas of Wasteland.

Scrapped Beetleworx - The Epic Mickey Files04:41

Scrapped Beetleworx - The Epic Mickey Files

Because Oswald felt Mickey stole his fame and popularity, he was given types of Beetleworx made by the Mad Doctor that looked like Mickey's friends Donald, Daisy, and Goofy, to make him feel better. These are shown to be very friendly towards Mickey, since they were made before the Blot Wars. They have personalities very similar to Mickey's real friends. They are found in pieces scattered through the Wasteland, and can either be repaired, in which case they become friends, or left as they are.
Beetleworx - The Epic Mickey Files06:10

Beetleworx - The Epic Mickey Files

Types of Beetleworx


Tankers are the strongest form of Beetleworx. They have heads of different Disney characters, bodies of different vehicles and objects, cannons for arms, and spider legs. Tankers are armed with cannons that can shoot paint and thinner. In Tomorrow City, they take on the appearance of a golden Light cycle, from Tron, for a body and the guards from Lilo and Stitch as a head. In Lonesome Manor, they appear with the face of The Wicked Queen's Witch form and the poisoned apple as a torso. A third variety appears in Epic Mickey 2, based on Ursala. There was a scrapped variety with the head of Hades from Hercules, the plasma blasters from Gantu's ship, and Mickey's car as a body. Despite the fact the Hades Tanker was scrapped, it served as the body design of the other two (not counting the shells). In Epic Mickey 2, however, the scrapped Hades tanker can be seen by visiting the Shadow Blot Diorama a second time.


Sword wielding Beetleworx, Bashers are what the Pirates of Ventureland were turned into. Besides the pirate variation in Ventureland, in Lonesome Manor Bashers are designed to resemble skeletons and the ones in Tomorrow City are based on Maximilian from The Black Hole.


Armed with buzzsaws, Spinners are spider-like Beetleworx that appear in Tomorrow City and Lonesome Manor. One variety seems to be modeled after the skeleton spider from the short film, "The Mad Doctor". Another model appears in Tomorrow City, however, its origins, like the Hopper, are unknown. In the E3 build, a spinner that has a toon Tea Cup overturned on its back, has been shown. It is unknown why it was removed so close to the game's launch. The Tea Cup spinner can be seen by visiting the Clock Tower Diorama in Epic Mickey 2 a 2nd time.


Hoppers are the common variety of Beetleworx, and as their name implies, they hop around the levels and headbutt you. The weakest Beetleworx, Hoppers are bird-like creatures that take on the form of various birds, such as the vultures from The Jungle Book, which can be found in Ventureland and Lonesome Manor, and Scuttle from The Little Mermaid, found on Mickeyjunk Mountain, and some kind of droid found in Tomorrow City. While not confirmed, the closest thing one can find to an origin to this Hopper, is the body, which has been seen in Treasure Planet, as a jet engine. It should also be noted, that concept art of Petetronic has been confirmed to take after Long John Silver, from the same movie.


  • When the pirates are transformed into robots by this process, it bears similarity to Doctor Eggman's roboticizer from Sonic the Hedgehog.


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