Beeker is an AquaBeek who belongs to Eli Shane. He is enpowered with the power of Water.

He was used repeatedly in "Deep Water, Dark Water" due to him being an amphibious Slug, therefore not needing a Torpedo Shell to be fired succesfully. He almost died in that episode, but managed to return to Eli.

Known Moves

  • Protoform Abilities - Can spout a small amount of water.
  • Seawee - Sonar blast, knocks back an opponent - underwater attack.
  • Inksting - Squirts blinding clouds of ink at opponent - underwater attack.
  • Aquajet - Squirts a jet of water like a firehose.

Fusion Shots

Defective Combos

  • TiringPulse: "Beeker"+"Burpy" - Tiring pulse that tires out all normal Slugs in the area.



  • Beeker is very friendly with one of the AquaBeeks seen in the episode "Deep Water, Dark Water", hinting that Undertow was Beeker's home before he met Eli.