Rebecca "Becky" Barnes is the deuteragonist in the The Sorcerer's Apprentice. She is the girlfriend of Dave Stutler.


As a Child

Rebecca Barns, more commonly known as "Becky" was in Dave Stutler's 4th grade class. Dave once impressed her by drawing King Kong on a school bus window, and lining up the doodle with the real life Empire State Building.

At the time, Dave had a crush on Becky. During a school field trip, he handed her a note asking her if she considered him a boyfriend or a friend. Becky wrote her answer and left it on a park bench. However, the note blew away before Dave could catch it. And he chased after it, abandoning the class.

Later on, Dave reunited with Becky and the rest of the class. Exasperated, he told the class of dangerous and magical fight that unfolded in an antique store he wandered into. However, when he lead both Becky and the class into the store, they found no evidence of a fight. Consequently, his classmates, excluding Becky, mock him.

Becky In College

Ten years after the incident at the antique store, Becky attended college at NYU, and worked at the campus radio station. During a college physics course, she met David once again. Wanting to spend more time with her, Dave offered to fix the transmitting mast of the radio station, which broke during a thunderstorm.

She then helps Dave and Balthazar after she was captured by Maxim Horvath and Abigail Williams. She disrupts one of the positioned satellites that were used to complete the dark ceremony of The Rising.

She came to Battery Park soon afterwards to see that Dave was alive. He did and used his powers as the true Prime Merlinean to destroy Morgana. They both kissed after Becky tried to tell Dave about the letter he wrote and he replied "I don't care". She knew his answer as she she says "Girlfriend. Definitely girlfriend". They later rode on Balthazar's Eagle in the end on their trip to Paris, France.


Becky is a laid-back, down to earth person, who loves music. She has her own college radio station. Becky has a good sense of humor, and a mild temperament. When Dave is talking to her on the roof, they mention when he had a crush on her in fourth grade, and Becky remembers when he drew the King Kong on the window of the bus, stating that it was cool. He replied saying that he was just trying to impress her. Becky reassured him that he succeeded. Becky has a fear of heights, which she overcomes in the end of the film by climbing to the very top of a tall buidling and tilting a satellite dish, thwarting Morgana le Fay's evil plan.


  • Coincidently, Becky shares characteristics with Carly Witwicky from Transformers: Dark of the Moon. They are both blonde-haired women who end up in the middle of a conflict between two warring factions (Autobots and Decepticons for Carly and Merlineans and Morganians for Becky).


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