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Beck is an animal-talent fairy who loves animals. Beck can talk to raccoons, squirrels and other animals of Pixie Hollow. Beck also is the caretaker of Mother Dove, and protecter of her. Beck also longs to see the world outside of Pixie Hollow, and joins the explorer birds on a journey across Never Land using Vidia' special Pixie Dust made from plucked feathers from Mother Dove.

Vidia knew that Beck was so curious that she would agree to use the Pixie Dust. She weighed down the sack with gravel and tempted beck with it, and said "there's enough Pixie Dust to take you to the other side of the world and back".

Beck agreed to use it, so she took the sack and went on the journey. She soon realized that Vidia made the sack heaver by putting in gravel in it, and even though she told her that their was enough Pixie Dust to take her to the other side of the world and back, there was only enough to take her far away from Pixie Hollow, but none to take her back. When Beck realized that Vidia wanted her gone for good so she could steal more feathers from Mother Dove, she hurried to Pixie Hollow to catch Vidia, the feather thief.

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