"Beaver Valley/Cameras in Africa" is an episode of Disneyland. It aired on December 29, 1954.


In the first part, Walt Disney presents a famous animal photographer named Alfred G. Milotte, who presents clips of his African trip that has stunning stories about the African elephant and the lion. The second part deals with the beaver habitat as displayed in the 1948 True-Life Adventure film, Beaver Valley.

The 1950 Academy Award winning film Beaver Valley told the whole “tooth” about critters, including their lives in ponds and their interactions with other animals such as moose, deer, raccoons and frogs. The 32 minute featurette made its debut on the Disneyland TV show on this day in 1954, paired up with Camera in Africa, featuring behind-the-scenes footage of Disney Legends Alfred and Elma Milotte filming African wildlife. The Milottes were wildlife photographers, married since 1934. Their first animal pictures were made during their honeymoon in the mountains of southeastern Alaska. In 1955, Elma was asked about how she felt about living in civilization, to which she replied, “It’s nice to feel silks and satins and live luxuriously—for a little while, but it always wears on me as it does on Al, and we can hardly wait to be moving again, after a little while. There’s something about the wilderness, and the animals and the nearness of basic things that’s gotten under our skins I guess.

The short film Beaver Valley is teamed up with footage from the upcoming True Life Adventure ""The African Lion"".