Beauty Smith is the main antagonist of the 1991 live-action film White Fang. He is a brutal dogfighter wants to turn White Fang vicious by making him enter illegal dogfights.

Role in the film

After White Fang saves Jack from a grizzly bear, Smith blackmails Grey Beaver for the wolfdog, saying that ownership of a wild animal is considered illegal. Smith and his gang train White Fang to be vicious in order to enter him into illegal dogfights. White Fang eventually meets his match in a brutal fight against a bulldog, but Jack happens upon the fight and intervenes in the nick of time. Having earlier reached his father's claim and begun the work of digging for gold, Jack returns with White Fang to the cabin where he seeks to transform White Fang's vicious and territorial nature.

Jack's attempts to tame White Fang eventually succeed; both wolfdog and man develop a close and trusting bond. Alex helps Jack mine for gold and they strike it rich with the help of White Fang. One morning, Jack travels to the town to claim proper ownership to the gold when one of Smith's colleagues notices White Fang with him. Seeking retaliation and planning to steal the gold, Smith and his men attack the cabin site. Jack and Alex manage to outwit Smith's bandits. White Fang nearly attacks Smith until he's ordered by Jack to back down. Jack and Alex take Smith and his men prisoner and force them at gunpoint to haul gold ore into town.