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Muppet Cab Company

Beauregard's taxi on display in Walt Disney World.

Beauregard's taxi is a 1959 Austin A35 which is an alleged transportation service in The Great Muppet Caper. Driven by Beauregard, the vehicle nearly runs over Gonzo, who had hurled himself into the street to hail a cab. Beauregard proceeds to maneuver the vehicle around London, careening and weaving all the way. The car finally crashes into the Happiness Hotel, thus supplying the vital ingredient for the evening meal of steering wheel soufflé.

As with Fozzie's Studebaker in The Muppet Movie, much of the vehicle had to be removed to make room for the puppeteers, as well as the stunt driver.

Beauregard's taxi resurfaced in the Muppet RaceMania game, as a boss enemy in the Trafalgar Square level. It is now on display at Walt Disney World as part of the Studio Backlot Tour.

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