Beatrice "Trixie" Sting, more commonly known as Trixie, is no slouch on the Slugslinging field, and her blaster packs a mean Slug punch! She is a member of the Shane Gang.


Though she likes to keep an eye out for unusual Slugs, Trixie's always got her head in the game and can often spot an exit or a smart strategy when the team is caught up in the fight. In the app Slug it out, Trixie says that she would try to keep the peace since will Shane was gone when Eli was in a match with her. Desperate to get back at the bullies at school, Trixie must prove herself that there will be Slugisodes. The Shane Gang's resident Slug expert, Trixie's dream is to make a documentary film all about the funny little creatures called Slugs. Nobody in Slugterra seems to realize Slugs have feelings, a chirp-based language, and a society all their own, but she's going to prove it to everyone in her one-minute Slugisodes!


Trixie debuts in The World Beneath Our Feet Part 1, when she helps Eli defeat a goon harassing a passer-by. She later appears at the tournament qualifiers, and becomes friends with Eli, Pronto, and Kord. She defeats the King of Sling and passes her qualifier.


  • Her favorite Slugs are Bluster, Arachnet, and Polaro.
  • The Renegade Ultra QLC is her favorite Blaster.
  • BOOM-R is her favorite Mecha Beast.
  • Her nickname is "Trixie".
  • Her move for beating Kord in video games is called the finishing blow.