Beatrice Rose Endicott is a chairman of New York City Preservation Society.


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Endicott at the Celemony of S.S. Columbia

Born in 1883, Beatrice Rose Endicott was the seventh daughter of Cornelius Endicott III, a chairman of U.S. Steamship Company which own various ships including S.S. Columbia. As she grow up, she began to have praise for Harrison Hightower III, a business rival and the enemy of her own father.

On New Year's Eve of 1899, Hightower was cursed by an African cursed idol Shiriki Utundu and disappears at the Elevator. At that time, she wasn't in Accident scene so she didn't believe the curse of Shiriki Utundu.

Years passed by, Hotel Hightower was closed down and become ruins. In 1908, Endicott decided to save Hotel Hightower as the precious cultural property of New York City. She established New York City Preservation Society and started planning to have a tour of Hotel Hightower. However Manfred Strang, a reporter for the New York Globe-Telegraph was against that idea and saying hotel was being cursed. Since Endicott don't believe in curse, Endicott and Strang explored Hotel Hightower together. At their explorations, they hear various mysterious voices and Strang realized that voice was Hightower's. He took Endicott's hand and they nearly escape the hotel. However, despite Strang's expectations, Endicott never changed her mind to have a tour at the Hotel Hightower.

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