Bearded man

The Bearded Man taking Ratcliffe back to the ship

The bearded man joins Governor Ratcliffe's expedition to Virginia. He believes he is going for an 'adventure of a lifetime' but Ratcliffe's intentions are far greater- he plans to use his men to find gold and riches. Throughout his time on the land, the bearded man is often physically shaken and grabbed by Ratcliffe. When the crew turns on Ratcliffe for shooting John Smith after rejecting Chief Powhatan's offer of peace and attempted to killed him, he is thrown in chains, gagged and thrown into a lifeboat which the bearded man rows back to the ship. As Ratcliffe's tough body falls in the lifeboat, the bearded man is shaken by this man for the last time. He has a satisfied, vengeful smile on his face while he watches his ex-boss try to say something over his gag and to free himself.

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