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Background information
Feature films The Fox and the Hound
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Glen Keane
John Lasseter
Henry Selick
Voice Clarence Nash
Candy Candido (in his growls) (uncredited)
Performance model
Inspiration Grizzly
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Aggressive, mean, vicious
Appearance Gigantic grizzly bear, burly, black fur, red eyes
Occupation Predator
Alignment Neutral
Goal To protect his territory/kill Tod (both failed)
Home Game Preserve
Allies None
Enemies Amos Slade, Copper, Tod
Likes Food
Dislikes Intruders, trespassers, getting bitten by Tod and Copper
Powers and abilities Brute strength, growls
Weapons Huge paws, claws, teeth
Fate Strikes and destroys the log that was holding him and Tod and falls down the waterfall to his death.
Quote "GRRRR!"

The Bear is the true antagonist from Disney's 1981 animated film The Fox and the Hound. He serves as the main antagonist in the climax of the film. He is a giant black-furred bear with red eyes. He does not tolerate intruders and trespassers, and he will kill them if they do so, and he is accidentally woken up by Amos Slade and Copper.


Physical Description

The Bear is a gigantic and slender grizzly bear with burly, black fur, red eyes and silver hair. He is likely a melanistic grizzly bear, Kodiak bear or an American black grizzly bear.


The Bear does not tolerate intruders and trespassers and if they crossed into his territory, he will kill them if they do so. He might have been the inspiration for that of Mor'du, the villain of Disney/Pixar's Brave.


The Fox and the Hound

The Bear first appears while Copper and Amos are trespassing in the woods to find Tod and Vixey, but while trying to get them, they accidentally antagonize the wrathful beast, that awakens and attacks Copper's owner. He swipes at Amos, causing him to tumble down a hillside, and the Bear continues to pursue him. Whilst trying his best to escape from the Bear, Amos is caught in one of his own traps and his gun is caught on a tree. Furious that the intruders aren't leaving his territory, the grizzly continues to attack them. Copper bravely tries to protect his master and attacks the Bear, but despite being smaller and more agile, he is no match for the giant bear, and Copper is soon overwhelmed in a very vicious fight. Against his better judgement, Tod quickly intervenes to save his friend. He fights the much larger bear and ends up luring him up onto a fallen trunk. While Tod hangs for dear life on the trunk, the Bear tries to deliver the final blow, but the log cannot support his weight. It breaks, sending the two animals falling down into the huge waterfall many meters below. Tod survives, and it is unknown if the bear was able to do the same.


  • The Bear's snarl is the same snarl of Brutus and Nero the Crocodiles from The Rescuers and Shere Khan from The Jungle Book.
  • When Copper bites him on the muzzle, blood is shown on the north side of the bear's muzzle. This is one of the film's controversial points.
  • When Amos fires his shot at the Bear, hitting his right arm, blood is shown as well.
  • The Bear was animated by Glen Keane. Henry Selick did work on the character since he was being trained under Keane and Eric Larson. Selick would later become the director of films such as The Nightmare Before Christmas and James and the Giant Peach.
  • The Bear's design may have been the original inspiration for that of Mor'du, the villain of Disney/Pixar's Brave.
  • The Bear is very similar to Lumpjaw. Both are big bears, they have the same goal of killing the film's main protagonists (for Bear, Tod; for Lumpjaw, Bongo), and both of their defeats results in falling. The main difference is that Lumpjaw is a big brown grizzly bear, while Bear is a huge black furred bear. The other difference is when Bear falls, he falls down a waterfall, and when Lumpjaw falls, he's swept away in a river.
  • Due to the color of his fur, the bear is often believed to be an American Black Bear. But judging by his behavior towards trespassers and the visible shoulder hump, he is a grizzly with, for some reason, black fur (probably a melanistic grizzly bear).
  • Clarence Nash, the original voice of Donald Duck, provided the roars and snarls of the bear.
  • He along with the Rat are classified as secondary antagonists. Though some fans consider them as main antagonists of their respective Disney films.
  • Considering the fact that Tod was able to survive the fall, the bear could have debatably survived as well.


External links

  • For information on the real animal, click here: [1]

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