"Be a Squirrel" is a song from the episode, "What'd I Miss?". In the song, Buford and Isabella help the squirrels to be wild again.


So you've been domesticated
Lost your identity
Buford: C'mon! C'mon!
Just listen up and you can learn
To be the best that you can be
Gather nuts and scurry
And dodge a car or three
If you concentrate you'll graduate
And learn to climb a tree
But for now we'll show you how
To make every chestnut count
Isabella: Woooo!
We'll make you sweat you won't regret
Remember, put them in your mouth
Be a squirrel
Come along be a rodent trainee
Be a squirrel
And you finally be free
Be a squirrel
Be at the top of your family tree
Be a squirrel
Be a squirrel it's your destiny


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