Big Hero 6 (Baymax in Japan) is a manga adaptation to the movie of the same name by Haruki Ueno.


Haruki Ueno launched a manga adaptation of Disney's animated movie Big Hero 6 in the September issue of Kodansha's Magazine Special on August 20. According to Disney, this is the first manga series that previews a Disney movie's story before it opens.

Before the main manga series begins, the combined 36th/37th issue of Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine will run a "Episode 0" prologue on August 6.

While Disney movies such as Tangled, Wall-E, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest have received one-shot manga adaptations, the new manga will be the first full-fledged series that previews the actual story from a Disney movie before it opens worldwide.

The manga was translated into English by Yen Press (the company which is also currently localising the Kingdom Hearts manga adaptation) and released in the United States and other English-speaking territories on March 25, 2015.

Differences from the Movie

Although the manga is considered as a preview of the movie's story, there are a considerable number of differences to the source material (as of Volume 1):

  • Hiro is already attending the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology with Tadashi before the story begins.
  • The bot-fighting subplot is omitted entirely.
  • Hiro is considerably more reclusive in the manga, being said to care more about machines than other people. The only person he cares about most is Tadashi, who he's more reliant on in the manga.
  • Hiro is familiar with Tadashi's friends, but dismisses them as a bunch of nerds, whom he lacks any real desire to get to know; that is until he seeks their help in facing the masked man.
  • Professor Callaghan has a vastly different design.
  • Baymax is not introduced until the robotics presentation, where he is Tadashi's featured project. His care-giving skills are instead demonstrated on Honey Lemon. This scene was intended for the movie with Baymax demonstrating his skills on Fred, but was cut due to avoid having a secondary introduction for Baymax.
  • Tadashi reveals after the presentation that he's planning to transfer to a welfare college, something he makes no mention of in the movie.
  • Perhaps the biggest difference from the movie is the circumstances surrounding Tadashi's death (or in this case, presumed death): after falling out with him over the aforementioned revelation that he's moving to a different university, Hiro follows Tadashi to the campus that night were he appears to be helping the masked man with the portal. After Tadashi saves Hiro from being sucked in, Tadashi is struck by a flying pipe and, after Hiro briefly attempts to pull him back to safety, gets sucked in.
  • Yokai merely creates copies of Hiro's Microbots rather than stealing them as he does in the movie.
  • After his first encounter with the masked man and his Microbots, Hiro goes directly to Tadashi's college friends to seek their help.
  • A character exclusive to the manga appears during the early chapters, the brothers snobbish college professor; Professor Aquino, who wears a hairpiece to conceal his baldness.
  • The car chase between the heroes and the masked man is removed, as is the scene in which Hiro reports the masked man to the police.
  • A scene is added to the beginning where Hiro's Microbots malfunction and go on a rampage throughout the campus in the form of a T-Rex.[1]



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