Bats are nocturnal, red-eyed, flying, minor antagonists who only make an appearance in The Rescuers.   

Role in the film

They are first seen sleeping when Evinrude goes to tell Ellie Mae about the escape plan for Penny. They start chasing and attacking Evinrude after they are disturbed. Like the insectivorous bats they are, they try to eat Evinrude through the night sky, but he hides in a bottle. Later the next day, the bats stay up keeping an eye on Evinrude, waiting for him to escape the bottle. Then, just as he makes a break for Ellie Mae's house, they chase Evinrude again, but this time he manages to escape in Ellie Mae's house. Their fate is unknown. They aren't seen again for the rest of the film.


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