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Bambi's mother
Bambi’s mother
Background information
Feature films Bambi
The Sword in the Stone (cameo)
The Jungle Book (cameo)
The Rescuers (cameo)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit (cameo)
Beauty and the Beast (cameo)
Bambi II (cameo)
Short films
Television programs A Poem Is...
Sofia the First
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Les Clark
Sylvain Deboissy
Voice Paula Winslowe
Carolyn Hennesy
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Loving, kind, wise, patient
Appearance Slender doe, beautiful, light brown fur with a brown half stripe going down her back
Occupation Mother, mate of the Great Prince, The Great Princess of the forest
Alignment Good
Goal Protect and raise Bambi, To still love the Great Prince as she did as a young doe
Home The Forest
Relatives Bambi (son)
The Great Prince of the Forest (husband)
Faline (daughter-in-law)
Geno and Gurri (grandchildren)
Mena (childhood friend)
Allies Bambi, The Great Prince of the Forest, Faline, Geno and Gurri, Ena, Mena, Thumper, Flower
Minions Other Deer
Enemies Man, Man's pets, Ronno
Likes Being with her son, fellow animals
Dislikes Man or anyone who is a danger to Bambi, her husband mad at Bambi when she's in heaven
Powers and abilities
Fate Shot dead by Man.
"Well, he's right. There are many deer in the forest besides us."

Bambi's mother was a deer living in the forest. Wife of The Great Prince of the Forest and mother to their son Bambi. She is featured in Bambi, in which she raises Bambi and educates him about the forest. She is, however, killed by a hunter halfway through the film. She is the Great Princess of The Forest. She is very close to Ena who is not related to her. She is voiced by Paula Winslowe in the first film and Carolyn Hennesy in the second.



Bambi's mother is shown during the first of the film, having just given birth to Bambi, her only son. She is often teaching Bambi about the forest and warning him of the dangers of Man. She and Bambi endure Summer, and then a harsh Winter together in which there is little food in the forest. When out in the meadow, she and Bambi find a small patch of grass to graze, suggesting that Spring was near.

Halfway through their meal, she senses danger, and told Bambi to run back to the den as fast as he could. She sprints after him, continuing to urge him onward. Gunshots are heard in the background, but she tells him to keep running, and not to look back. After a loud gunshot rings throughout the forest, Bambi makes it safely back to the den. He turns, expecting her to be with him, only to find silence.

He leaves the den and begins calling for her, but she does not answer. The Great Prince finds Bambi, and tells him that she could no longer be with him, and then tells him to come with him. This reveals the death of Bambi's mother, and that The Great Prince was his father. She had sacrificed herself to save Bambi and the Great Prince.

Bambi II

Bambi's mother makes a short appearance to Bambi in his dream, telling him that everything would be alright, and that she would always be with him in his heart. After waking up, Bambi still hears her voice. He goes to the meadow and discovers she is not there. Her voice still trails out on the meadow sending Bambi to find her and becomes in a life and death situation. After being chased by Man's dogs, he asks his father if she is ever coming back, and the Great Prince answers no, meaning that Bambi's mother is gone, but probably dead.


  • At one point, the film, Bambi, was meant to show her body after she was shot, but was later removed as it would be too dark.
  • In The Sword in the Stone, Kay is hunting a deer who looks very much like Bambi's mother.
  • In The Jungle Book, a deer that strongly resembles her is grazing in a meadow, and being unknowingly stalked by Shere Khan.
  • In The Rescuers, during the song "Someone's Waiting For You", she and Bambi are seen eating grass in Devil's Bayou.
  • She is similar to Tod's mother in The Fox and the Hound and Mufasa in The Lion King in the sense of teaching her son the lessons of life and death at her son's young age. Both are also killed by the film's main villain (Mufasa by Scar and Bambi's mother by Man). Both also appear in their son's dream/nightmare in the second films (Mufasa in sequel and Bambi's mother in midquel).
  • She, along with many other Disney Characters, made cameo appearances in the film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  • In Beauty and the Beast, there is a deer grazing in the opening scene that looked very much like her.
  • The Toy Story Toons "Small Fry" character Tae-Kwon Doe's head resembles Bambi's mother.
  • A deer resembling Bambi's Mother appears in Sofia the First, episode "Holiday in Enchancia", as one of the forest animals who help Sofia track down her father.


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