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Bambi's Den is a place where Bambi and his mother live in the 1942 film Bambi.


The den first appears when Thumper wakes up Friend Owl telling him the new prince is born. When all the animals enter in excitement they all say congratulations, and his mother says thank you very much and all the animals leave in peace and quiet but Thumper stays to ask what his name is. She replies, "I think I'll call him Bambi". She continues to nuzzle him as the Great Prince watches from a ledge close by. A couple of weeks later, Bambi experiences his first thunderstorm in it he was born in while "Little April Shower" plays in the background. The next time you see them is when Bambi and his mother are in it, and they are very hungry because in the winter food is very scarce. This is the last time Bambi's mother is in the den. One day, Bambi and his mother are out on the meadow and Man is closing in on them. As they run at a rapid speed, a loud bang is heard throughout the forest. Bambi makes it safely back to the den but he won't return for along time. Years later, Bambi returns with Faline to go to sleep when they are adults. Later in the movie, Faline gives birth to two twin fawns named Geno and Gurri.

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