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Bambadee is a stowaway that Rockhopper found on his ship in March 2007 a day before the St. Patrick's Day party, just after leaving Club Penguin Island one day. Bambadee wears a striped friendship bracelet which he made himself; this item was soon released as a free item in the book Rockhopper and the Stowaway. He had snuck onto the Migrator because the penguins on Club Penguin Island were teasing him because they were jealous of his bracelet. He does not always wear his bracelet.

Just like Dancing Penguin and Rookie, he is very easy to impersonate. All you need is the color light blue and the Friendship Bracelet.


  • Rockhopper keeps one of Bambadee's bracelets in his Captain's Quarters.
  • He appears in the book, A Penguin Christmas Carol, in the past of Scrooge as a friend.
  • To stop from impersonating Bambadee, when you put on the Friendship Bracelet, it goes on your right flipper, but Bambadee wears it on his left flipper.

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