Balthazar Blake is one of the two main protagonists in Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice. He was a student of Merlin and a sorcerer. More than 1,000 years old, Balthazar has been searching the globe until he finds the Prime Merlinean, the descendant of Merlin and inheritor of his great magic powers. When Balthazar finally discovers him in 10-year-old Dave Stutler, he finds himself with a very reluctant sorcerer’s apprentice.



Balthazar can be a kind and gentle man, but he can also be a serious and courageous sorcerer. When he sees Dave trying to win the affection from Becky Barnes, Balthazar chastises Dave for it as it would hinder him from his focus on studying the sorcery. In spite of his faith on Dave, Balthazar doubts whether Dave would able to fully embrace his destiny as Prime Merlinean; though he managed to convince Dave to study the sorcery under his tutelage, Balthazar only telling him that the main priority of the study was to defeat Horvath and seal him back inside the Grimhold instead of destroying Morgana and freeing Veronica altogether. That is until Dave's confrontation with Stone and Horvath made him demand the true purpose of his study and who was sealed inside the Grimhold.

His doubts for Dave to fully embrace his nature as Prime Merliean, and why he chastise Dave for trying to win the affection from Becky eventually revealed that he, in fact, was lonely and missing Veronica for centuries. Merlin's death, Horvath's betrayal, Veronica forced to use the Fusion spell on Morgana, all of them has became grave burden for him. These burdens also made him doubts to befriends with those whom he met in his journeys until he met Dave, whom turned out share some similarities with Veronica as both of them prefers the normal life instead life full of adventures and battles that they already had. Unfortunately, this also used by Horvath, whom sadistic enough to use the disguise spell on a nearby pedestrian to made her resembles Veronica as distraction for him so he and Drake could escape. In spite of this, after he eventually reveal his burden to Dave, his burden eventually lightened, and gone after reunites with Veronica. It was obvious that why he chastise Dave for for trying to win the affection from Becky not only would hinder his focus from his study in sorcery, but also afraid that it would also brought up his own happy times with Veronica that would hinder his focus in his quest.

His love with Veronica, which has started long ago, was something that keep him forward in his journey until he met and trained Dave that eventually became the Prime Merlinean. As Veronica saves his life by using Fusion Spell on Morgana, Balthazar has revealed planned to do the same in return (though he succeed in saving Veronica, this inevitably unleashed Morgana's ghostly form since her body only consists of floating mass of dust). His well-planned heroic sacrifice also something that made him tolerate Dave for giving Horvath the Dragon Ring due to him held Becky hostage albeit not letting him to join the battle as Dave have not had his Prime Merlinean powers awakened yet.


  • Due to him became Dave’s mentor while the movie also inspired by the Harry Potter series, Balthazar was quite equivalent with Albus Dumbledore in spite both of them had little to no things in common aside being a master of a young sorcerer that destined to save the world.
    • He also similar with Yoda from Star Wars, Merlin from The Sword in the Stone as all of them having a role as mentors of young individuals that are turned out to be fulfilling a great destiny.
    • However, he was more akin to Yen Sid from Disney's Fantasia and The Sorcerer from the poem The Sorcerer's Apprentice by Goethe as all of them are the characters that he was based upon. Each of them are a powerful master of a young apprentice, and both also show having same records where they stopped a magical activity caused by their apprentice that is spiraling out of control where the said spell is the Cleaning Spell.


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