This is how the Baloo costumes have changed over the years.

Picture Year Notes
Flbaloo 1960's Baloo is taller and has black fur a black nose and small round eyes together.
4-74 Baloo 1970's Baloo is slightly shorter than the previous counterpart and has a bluish color.
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1980's - 1992

Baloo's neck becomes shorter and his fur becomes a bit shaggier.
Baloo HKDL 1991 - present Baloo's eyes are snake-like, his nose is brown and the claws on his paws change into normal fingers. Also, his muzzle is flesh instead of gray unlike the one in the actual franchise.
Img 9363 The articulated version of Baloo, seen in the Disney Cruise Line show, "Believe". He looks more accurate to his animated version.