Badlands Dan is character in Wander Over Yonder. He is a former bad guy who first appeared in episode "The Bad Guy".


Sylvia and Wander try to act tough so they can get into the saloon and get some juice. Wander sits on a chair (more like a bar stool), that was apparently Badlands Dan's. Badlands Dan got angry and ripped a warrant off the wall saying he's a wanted man. Wander ripped of a patch of Badland's chest fur and drew himself a warrant saying he's meaner and more wanted than he is. Badlands Dan challenges Wander to a fight outside. Wander steals a motorcycle from the motorhogs, which him and Sylvia take off on. Sylvia and Wander get to Papa Doom's palace and they believe he's tough and Papa Doom orders them some orbble juice. Wander gave them rocks instead of crystals and they chased after them, meeting up with the bad guys once again. Wander takes his mustache off and Sylvia admits they're not mean and need to return home. The enemies get mad and all admit they all fake being tough. Badlands Dan was the first to admit and he then said he misses his garden. They renamed the planet as Congenial Rock. Papa Doom gave Wander and Sylvia their juice. Badlands Dan wished that they would come again and Wander patted him on the snout bone. Badlands Dan laughed cutely and said it tickled.

He will join Wander and a group of rebels to fight Lord Dominator in "The End of the Galaxy".