"Bad Ear Day" is the ninth episode of Mickey Mouse.



Mickey unbelievably loses his trademark round ears and has to hunt them down.


Mickey searches for his ears after losing them before a date with Minnie while being deaf at the same time. Now that Mickey discovers that the second and third pucks on the Ice Hockey Rink are his ears, Mickey has to win a game for the Home Team to retrieve his ears.


Voice Cast


  • When Mickey rushes into the city to find his ears, a sign advertising King Candy can be seen in a window.
  • Another sign reads "Family Books, est. 1955" (a possible reference to Disneyland's opening year).
  • When Mickey is getting ready for his date, a bottle of after-shave called "Old Mice" (a reference to Old Spice) can be seen next to the sink.
  • This short has a lot of similarities with Mickey's Delayed Date. Except for the fact that Mickey doesn't lose his ears like what happens here.
  • The setting of the second episode, “Yodelberg”, is shown on Mickey’s pillow at the beginning.