Joe prepares for an audition with Vanessa Page, but when he arrives he is faced with a room full of actors who all resemble him. Stella and Kevin help him while doing a scene for his audition. Meanwhile, Nick gets jealous when pro surfer, Stone Stevens asks Macy to work on his website.


In, this episode, Joe auditions for a role in a movie with Vanessa. But he does not realize the actors all look like him. During the audition Kevin came up with the idea to have Stella watching has he audition. Joe sees her and does great. Meanwhile, Nick gets jealous when a pro surfer asks Macy to help work on his new website, to stop this from happening he says she's not interested. Macy gets mad at Nick and tells him that he doesn't get to decide things for her. Nick goes back to the beach to try to convince Macy not to quit. The show ends with Fall music video showing moments between Nick and Macy as well as Joe and Stella.


  • Song featured in the episode: Fall



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