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The Baby Parasaurolophus is a minor character from Dinosaur.



In the Nesting Grounds, a baby Parasaurolophus sees a dinosaur's nest and sniffs one of the eggs (presumably Aladar's egg), but Aladar's Mother scares it away. It then runs to the other nests, but gets frightened away by the dinosaur mothers guarding them. The Parasaurolophus later runs through the river, and it visually perceives a Longisquama. It then chases the flying lizard and runs into the forest. The Parasaurolophus comes in close proximity to the Longisquama, but the bug flies up to the head of a Carnotaur. The Parasaurolophus then sees a couple drops of saliva landing on a tree branch and notices the vicious Carnotaur that has been aroused. The Parasaurolophus then runs out of the forest and gets chased by the Carnotaur, which it tries to evade. It is unknown whether or not the Parasaurolophus survives.

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