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Baby Herman
Background information
Feature films Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Short films Tummy Trouble
Roller Coaster Rabbit
Trail Mix-Up
Television programs
Video games Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Hare Raising Havoc
Park attractions Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Richard Williams
Nik Ranieri
Uli Meyer
Voice Lou Hirsch (adult voice)
April Winchell (baby voice)
Jim Cummings (Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin)
Performance model
Inspiration Elmer Fudd
Tweety Bird
The baby-faced thug from Baby Buggy Bunny (1954)
The baby from two Tom and Jerry shorts Busy Buddies (1956) and Tot Watchers (1958)
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Baby, pal
Personality Grumpy, mischievous, childish, crabby, funny, snooty, rude, foul-mouthed, impatient, irritable, caring.
Appearance Very short, slender, blue eyes, white diaper, blonde hair on his head with a pink ribbon around it, barefoot
Occupation Roger's co-star
Goal To clear Roger's name from Marvin Acme's serious murder
Home Toontown
Allies Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit, Eddie Valiant, Benny the Cab, Marvin Acme, R.K. Maroon, Dolores, Lt. Santino, other Toons
Enemies Judge Doom, the Toon Patrol
Likes Acting, smoking cigars
Dislikes Failures, The Dip, Roger in trouble.
Powers and abilities Strength
Fate Goes back home to Toontown with Roger, Jessica and the rest of the Toons, accompanied by Eddie and Dolores.
Quote "The whole thing stinks like yesterday's diapers."

Baby Herman is Roger Rabbit's co-star in Disney/Touchstone's 1988 feature film Who Framed Roger Rabbit and the deuteragonist of the Roger Rabbit shorts. His adult voice was provided by Lou Hirsch while his baby voice was provided by April Winchell.


A grown baby mainly called, with his mob mentality and his cigar, he is the right baby for the job. Baby Herman has a deep voice and rides in a stroller. He wears a pink bow and diapers. His stage persona, a baby always getting into mischief, is reminiscent of two Tom and Jerry cartoons where the two would have to work together to keep a baby out of trouble; Busy Buddies (1956) and Tot Watchers (1958).

Baby Herman is very impatient and irritable, as shown when Roger messes up during their act at the beginning of the movie. Despite this, he cares about Roger and considers him a good friend. Baby Herman also claims that Roger is innocent when he is framed for the death of Marvin Acme.


Who Framed Roger Rabbit

In the cartoons, he is depicted as a baby who wanders off and always gets Roger into trouble. Off-set, he reveals that he is really a middle-aged man with a gravely voice who only looks like a baby. He constantly smokes, uses profanity and hits on women. He tells Eddie later in the film that Roger would never commit murder and that he has been framed in Marvin Acme's death and gives him a few clues to support this. At the end of the movie, he celebrates with the other Toons after Judge Doom is defeated and Toontown is awarded custody of the Toons in Marvin Acme's will.

Book Appearances


Baby Herman is a regular in the Roger Rabbt and Roger Rabbit's Toontown comic books.

Disney Parks

Baby Herman can be seen reading a paper in the queue for Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin.


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