B.E.N. (Bio Electronic Navigator) is a robot and a tritagonist from Disney's 2002 animated feature film, Treasure Planet.

Role in the film

He was once the navigator of the legendary space pirate, Captain Flint. That is until Flint stranded him on Treasure Planet. Flint also removed B.E.N.'s memory chip to keep him from revealing his self-destruct mode for the planet. B.E.N. was trapped on Treasure Planet, until Jim Hawkins and the shape-shifter Morph came along. B.E.N. was able to remember one clue that would lead Jim to Flint's treasure. He reveals that the treasure is "buried in the centroid of the mechanism." In exchange, Jim allows B.E.N. to come along with the crew on their adventure, as long as he didn't talk so much and touch Jim. Later that very same evening, Jim, Morph, and B.E.N. go on the R.L.S. Legacy to retrieve the map, quietly. B.E.N. went to disable the laser cannon for Jim.

However, while searching for the laser cannon wire, he kept pulling wires that put Jim at risk. However, he unknowingly saved Jim's life by pulling the ship's gravity wire, which sent Jim's arachnid nemesis Scroop tumbling into the vacuum of space. B.E.N. was useful later on when Jim, the crew, and Silver's pirates found the treasure. Jim found B.E.N.'s memory chip in Flint's skeleton. Jim put it back in B.E.N.'s head and gave him his memories back. But B.E.N.'s joy was short, for he then revealed Flint's booby traps to prevent anyone from stealing his loot. After Jim saved the crew by opening the portal to Montressor Spaceport, B.E.N. hugged Jim in triumph, and Jim hugged him back, as they were friends at last. Shortly after Silver left, B.E.N. lived with Jim and helped his mother around the Benbow Inn.

Disney Parks

At the time of the film's release, B.E.N. and Jim made a few appearances in the Disney theme parks to promote the film. However, afterwards, they have since retired.


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  • When B.E.N. is seen without his memory chip, his eyes are green. When he regains it in the film's climax and reboots, his eyes turn and stay blue for the rest of the film.
  • When B.E.N. reboots after regaining his memory he beeps and makes the old startup noise of an old Macintosh Computer.
  • B.E.N. is the only fully CGI character in the film.
  • B.E.N. didn't make an appearance near the beginning of his respective film until the second half.

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