Axel and Loco are the two main grasshoppers in Hopper's gang from A Bug's Life.

Role in the film

They believed that it was pointless to return to Ant Island and convinced Molt to give this idea to Hopper as his own, believing that he will get beaten for such an idea. When Molt informs Hopper and receives a sharp reply, he tells Hopper that they gave him the idea. Hopper then goes to address the gang that they're staying, before he recalls Flik opposing him, but Axel and Loco tell him to forget about it, because he was just one ant, and that they're puny. Hopper decides to play a little game with them, pretending grains from the jar are puny little ants and throwing them at Axel and Loco. They, and the rest of the grasshoppers burst out laughter. Hopper then gets straight to the point and rips the lid off the jar, burying Axel and Loco in a huge pile of grains before explaining to the gang that if one ant opposes them, then the whole colony may do the same, because they outnumber the grasshoppers considerably. It is assumed that they both survived the incident as they can be seen both participating and retreating during the invasion against Ant Island.


  • Loco means "crazy" in Spanish.
  • There are chances that they might have survived being buried by the huge pile of grain.
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