Axel Turner is the true main antagonist in Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.


Axel is the director of Camp Star, Camp Rock's glitzier arch-rival camp. It turns out that he and Director Brown used to be bandmates, but one day, Brown removed Axel from the band, so then Axel founded Camp Star to compete with Brown, explaining their rivalry. He has the Camp Star performers send parachutes to the campers at Camp Rock as a way of inviting them to participate at a "bonfire". After the Camp Rockers arrive at Camp Star, the two camps perform. Axel offers the Camp Rock counselors jobs at Camp Star and promises to double their salary, prompting many counselors (and a few campers, namely Tess) to switch over to Camp Star, much to Brown's upset. Unbeknownst to Axel, however, his daughter Dana strikes up a relationship with Nate Grey.

The next day, Axel spies the two camps musically waging war and proposes a televised competition. Unsurprisingly, Mitchie agrees to the idea. Later that night, he catches Dana singing with Nate. On the day of the competition, Brown discovers that Axel has been rigging the competition by persuading the public to vote for Camp Star via text-messaging. The two camps give an all-out performance, but Camp Star wins, much to Axel's pleasure. He is not seen after that, so his fate is uncertain.


  • Axel is the true main antagonist in Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam because he had bigger plans than Luke; while Luke simply wanted to beat Camp Rock, Axel planned to close down Camp Rock permanently (presumably out of spite for what Brown did to him).
  • Axel and Brown were once in a band called Wet Crows.