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Autotopia is an area in the Cartoon Wasteland, first appearing in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.

Located in Tomorrow City, the area is based on Autopia, Disneyland's opening day attraction. It is home to a racing track, and back in the old days, many a race was held here. Autotopia managed to survive the Thinner Disaster, but everyone believed it had thinned out, and so no one dared to go there for years -- until it was discovered by the Mad Doctor.

On their first visit, Mickey and Oswald notice the Siphons around the racing track are trapping Guardians. By working together, the two disable the Siphons, all the while avoiding attacks from Dropwings and Blotworx. After all three Siphons are disabled, the first tower opens to reveal a projector screen leading to the Mad Doctor's lair.

The next time the players return to Autotopia, Gilda will challenge them to a race or a demolition derby.


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