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Aunt Ena is Faline's mother
Deer meeting
Left to right:Bambi's mother, Bambi, Faline and Ena
RudagonAdded by Rudagon
, Bambi's mother-in-law and Geno and Gurri's maternal grandmother, although she's not Bambi's maternal aunt in the movie, she is in the book, Bambi: Life in the woods. In the book, she's the mate of an unknown buck and also the mother of Faline's twin sibling, Gobo, who would later fall in love and become mates with a young doe named Marena who, as a result, becomes her daughter-in-law. In the book's sequel Bambi's children, she gains more grandchildren when her daughter, Faline, adopts the two orphaned bucks, Mambo and Nello.
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