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Aunt Ena is Faline's mother, Bambi's mother-in-law and Geno and Gurri's maternal grandmother.


Ena appears when she is with Bambi's mother out in the meadow when Bambi hides behind his mother after being chased by Faline. Faline says to Ena that Bambi is bashful, to which Ena replies that he may not be if Faline says Hello to him. Bambi later chases Faline around Ena and his mother before the two fawns run further into the meadow together whilst being looked on by their mothers.

Ena, Faline, Bambi, Bambi's mother along with the other deer leave the meadow after being alerted of Man's arrival by Bambi's father The Great Prince of the Forest.

Bambi II

Ena briefly appears to take Faline home after she, Bambi, Thumper, Flower and some of the other forest animals visit the Groundhog to see if winter will end.



  • In the original novel, of which Bambi is based on, Ena is actually Bambi's maternal aunt.
  • In the book, she's the mate of an unknown buck, and also the mother of Faline's twin brother, Gobo, who would later fall in love and become mates with a young doe named Marena who, as a result, becomes her daughter-in-law.
  • In the book's sequel Bambi's Children, she gains two adoptive grandchildren when Faline adopts the two orphaned bucks, Mambo and Nello.
  • Ena is similar to Sarafina
    • Both are the mother of the protagonist's love interest (Faline and Nala)
    • Both are a friend of the protagonist's mother (Bambi's mother and Sarabi)
    • Both at one point were sisters with the protagonist's mother, Ena was sisters with Bambi's mother in the original book, whilst Sarafina, (then called Naanda) was sisters with Sarabi in the original script to The Lion King.

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