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And now, ya bilge rats, do I hear six? Who makes it six?"
"Six it be. Six bottles of rum!"
"I'm not spongin' for rum. It be gold I'm after!
―Auctioneer and a drunk pirate

The Auctioneer is a pirate who appeared in Walt Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean ride and the short film Tales of the Code: Wedlocked. In the ride, the Auctioneer was voiced by Paul Frees, while John Vickery portrayed the character in the short film. In both appearances, the Auctioneer was seen leading auctions where he attempted to sell groups of wenches as brides.


Pirates of the Caribbean


The Auctioneer with a winsome wench.

After the Wicked Wench attacked Isla Tesoro, pirates invaded the town of Puerto Dorado. The Auctioneer set up the auction near a canteen called "La Cantina", which directly overlooked the waterfront. The auction itself took place in front of the "Mercado". During the auction, the Auctioneer presented a "winsome wench" until a group of drunken pirates chanted that they wanted the "redhead". As the Auctioneer's group of potential clients became more rowdy, one of his assistants fired a warning shot to keep them at bay. When offered six bottles of rum for a bride, the Auctioneer loudly proclaimed that he would accept only gold. When the "Red Head" began to show her leg seductively to the on-looking crowd of excited pirates, the Auctioneer demanded she cover herself up saying; "Strike your colors, you brazen wench! No need to expose your superstructure!"

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

The Hai Peng sails to World's End, a massive waterfall, and ends up in Davy Jones' Locker. This was taken from the ride in which a ship from present day goes down a waterfall, and ends up in the era of pirates. The film crew even embellished the effect by putting the various audio from the ride, specifically to make that connection. One of the audio is a line said by the Auctioneer, "Shift yer cargo, dearie, show 'em your larboard side."

Tales of the Code: Wedlocked

In Shipwreck City, the Auctioneer appeared when an auction began where he'd sell Scarlett and Giselle, two unsuspecting wenches who both believed they were to marry Jack Sparrow. As the wenches Scarlett and Giselle realized they were both deceived, the Auctioneer entered the room and began the auction to a group of pirates. Throughout the auction, Scarlett and Giselle would bicker throughout the bid, over who was worth more, eventually to a point where they start fighting. By the time the bid went up to 400, a group of pirates, led by Atencio, formed a corporation. As the bid went over 600, a pirate named Nigel bidded his goat, which caused Atencio to insert a goat in his bid. The bidding would conclude with the Marquis D'avis making the final bid with seven hundred and two goats, which the Auctioneer closed the bid.


The Auctioneer holding the Code.

As Scarlett and Giselle thought they were rich and had goats, the Auctioneer said he has the goats as he shackled the two wenches together, stating that he owned them in a fair one-hundred percentage. He also said that he traded them fair and square, quoting what was in the Pirate Code, after which Mungard reminded the group of pirates that the Code was the law. Giselle then asked the Auctioneer if he owned the stocking that she wore or a song she might sing before the wench gave Mungard a slap on the face. Filled with anger, Mungard pointed his pistol at the Auctioneer. The Auctioneer began a toss of the key to Scarlett and Giselle's shackles, with the holder whom Mungard would point his pistol at. The key would go from Nigel to Atencio and then the Marquis D'avis, who then tossed the key to the Auctioneer, who was once again threatened by Mungard.

In this confusion, Gregor accidentally fired his pistol, causing confusion in the crowd as Mungard turned around. The Auctioneer, holding the Code on him, stated that this was the doing of Jack Sparrow. Hearing the name Sparrow, Mungard turned around as his pistol fired and hit the Code. The Auctioneer, still holding the Code, fell backwards to the ground. The pirates whisper among themselves about Mungard shooting the Code. Mungard then ordered the Auctioneer to be taken out of here. A group of men, including the Auctioneer's assistant, helped get the Code off of a dazed Auctioneer, who blabbered about a shipment of Peruvian llamas.



  • The Auctioneer is one of the most advanced animatronics figures in the ride, being updated whenever new advances in the technology come along.
  • The "auction" scene in which women are offered for sale by the Auctioneer has remained largely intact since the attraction opened, though the "Take A Wench For A Bride" banner comes and goes with some refurbishments.

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