Atomic Puppet is an animated series produced by Mercury Filmworks, Technicolor Entertainment Services France SAS and Gaumont Animation. The series revolves around the adventures of 12-year-old Joey Felt and his partner AP, a world-renowned superhero who's been reduced to life as a powerless sock puppet, until he's placed on Joey's hand. Together they transform into Mega City's newest superhero duo, Atomic Puppet.


Designed as 52 segments that are 11 minutes each[2] so far 13 pairs (26 segments) have aired as episodes, with the other 26 segments not yet aired.


The superhero Captain Atomic suffers a setback when, as he shaking hands in Model City with 12-year-old[3] fanboy Joey Felt, his disgruntled sidekick transforms him into a powerless puppet. The suddenly not-so-super superhero quickly realizes that the only way he can regain his former powers is to team up with the boy—a dream come true for Joey, but not so much for Captain Atomic. Together, the two form an unlikely and awkward partnership that allows them to become the city's newest superhero duo—known as Atomic Puppet and Nuclear Boy.


Main characters

  • Joey Felt/Nuclear Boy[4] (voiced by Eric Bauza) - The main protagonist of the series, a 12 year old middle-school student and comic book fan. Through a chance turn of events he develops the ability to combine with his superhero idol and together they form a new hero, Atomic Puppet.
  • Captain Atomic/AP (voiced by Eric Bauza) - Captain Atomic was a world renowned superhero who lived his life being able to handle situations with his brute strength and endless charm. Blinded by success and fame, he's suddenly transformed into a powerless sock puppet by his jealous side-kick Mookie. Now he goes by the name AP and struggles with finding the balance of adjusting to his new life as a puppet and the fact that he can only access his former powers when his biggest fan, Joey Felt, places him on his hand and together they become Atomic Puppet.

Supporting characters

  • Pauline Bell[5] (voiced by Lisa Norton) - A middle school girl who is the best friend of Joey and the only person other than Mookie and the Justice Alliance that knows of Joey's super-heroic secret identity. Pauline occasionally covers for Joey when he needs an excuse to become Atomic Puppet and has on occasion, fought alongside Atomic Puppet if the situation called for it.
  • Phil Felt[6] (voiced by Carlos Díaz) - is Joey's burly, no nonsense father. He's impatient, opinionated and does everything he can to counteract the "babying" of Joey and Abigal by his wife Vivian.
  • Vivian Felt[7][8](voiced by Kristina Nicoll) - is the overly caring Mom of Joey and Abigail Felt. She's nosy and randomly barges into Joey's room almost uncovering his super-hero identity.
  • Abigail Felt[9] (voiced by Katie Griffin) - is Joey's energetic sister who on occasion goes by the nickname "Abs" or "Abby".
  • Bubbles[10] [11](aka Mister Bubbles) is the family cat. Regardless of the fact that Bubbles appears to be portly and slightly below intelligence, Phil Felt sees Bubbles as "the cutest most adorable kitty cat in the world." AP refers to him as Disastro and is convinced that Bubbles is an undercover villain with only one goal; to take down Atomic Puppet from the inside!
  • Rex Bordeaux [12] (voiced by David Huband) is Mega City's #1 newsman. Rex made a career out of covering Captain Atomic’s over the top heroics. But since Captain Atomic has "disappeared", Rex has been reduced to covering every small story he can get his hands on and is counting on Atomic Puppet to be the hero he needs to cement his spot as “Mega City’s #1 Newsman”.


  • Sergeant Subatomic ("Mookie") (voiced by Peter Oldring) - The main antagonist of the series. Mookie is Captain Atomic's former sidekick and he is the responsible for his transformation into a puppet.
  • Naughty Kitty (voiced by Heather Bambrick) - A female thief who wears a black cat costume and steals cats.
  • Mudman (voiced by Rob Tinkler) - A humanoid creature made entirely of mud that has the abilities to change his shape and possess the people by simple touching them.
  • Ms. Erlemeyer (voiced by Kristina Nicoll) -
  • Professor Tite-Gripp (voiced by Rick Miller) -


  • Justice Alliance - A super hero team similar to the Justice League and/or Avengers
    • Cavalier (voiced by Rob Tinkler) - A super hero with heat vision and flight like Superman but the Blue/Gold appearance of Booster Gold.
    • Robo-Ron (voiced by Martin Roach) - A super hero who only speaks in beat-box and printed messages.He also has the abilities of Cyborg and Robocop.
    • Crimson Beacon - A super hero with the appearance and molecular transmutation abilities of Firestorm and Construct abilities of Green Lantern.
  • Princess War Tickle (voiced by Kristina Nicoll) - A super heroine with some of the same attributes of Wonder Woman.


Music composed and performed by Amaury Bernier & David Gana D&A Factory


In Canada, episodes 1-6 were released on August 16, while episodes 7-10 were released on September 19.[13]


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