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Atlantis: The Lost Empire soundtrack is the soundtrack album for Atlantis: The Lost Empire. The score is composed by James Newton Howard.


  1. Where the Dream Takes You - 4:00
  2. The Submarine - 3:20
  3. Milo's Turned Down - 1:48
  4. Atlantis Is Waiting - 2:41
  5. The Leviathan - 3:25
  6. Bedding Down - 2:32
  7. The Journey - 3:22
  8. Fireflies - 2:11
  9. Milo Meets Kida - 1:46
  10. The City of Atlantis - 2:48
  11. Milo and Kida's Questions - 2:59
  12. Touring the City - 2:51
  13. The Secret Swim - 2:46
  14. The Crystal Chamber - 3:45
  15. The King Dies / Going After Rourke - 5:12
  16. Just Do It - 3:18
  17. Kida Returns - 3:10
  18. Atlantis - 2:01
  19. Where the Dream Takes You (Selena Gomez Version) - 3:58

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