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Athena is a childlike animatronic recruiter and the tritagonist from the film Tomorrowland.

Official Description

"Athena had been looking for a recruit and she is really hoping that Casey was the right person to choose because that was Athena’s last pin. Casey has courage and determination and hope and that is what Tomorrowland needs".

Role in the Film

Athena is first seen at the 1964 New York World's Fair, where a young Frank Walker shows off his invention: an experimental Jet Pack, to David Nix. Nix denies Frank admittance to the invention contest he's judging. Athena, seeing the potential in Frank, gives him a Pin, and tells him to follow herself and Nix.

She is next seen on It's a Small World, with Nix and the rest of his guests. She is later seen welcoming Frank to Tomorrowland.

Many years later, she gives a pin to Casey Newton, whom she believes is the key to saving the world.


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