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"At the Ball" is a song sung by Jaq and Gus (Rob Paulsen and Corey Burton) from Cinderella III: A Twist in Time. When Prince Charming's memory is put under a spell to make him believe Anastasia was the one he danced with at the ball, Jaq and Gus use this song to put him back on track. It also pushes him to find his true love and go with Cinderella back to the castle to marry her.


Jaq: You were dancing with a very pretty girl

Gus: Pretty girl

Jaq: And at midnight she ran off in such a whirl

Gus: Such a whirl

Jaq: Well, her name was Cinderelly, she's the servant girl you met

Gus: She's the one you want to marry don't forget

Both: Don't forget

Jaq: At the ball

Gus: At the ball

Jaq: At the ball

Gus: Down at the ball

Both: Cinderelly was the maiden at the ball

Prince (speaking): No, no, no. I danced with Anastasia at the ball.

Jaq (speaking): No, no. Princey only think that because of Cinderelly's stepmother.

Gus (speaking): Yeah, mean old lady!

Jaq: With a magic wand she cast a wicked spell

Gus: Wicked spell

Jaq: Which is why Princey isn't feeling well

Gus: Not so well

Jaq: You've forgotten Cinderelly and the dance you shared last night

Both: But we're sure it's not too late to set things right

Gus: Right, right

Both: Cause at the ball, at the ball, at the ball

Gus: Yeah at the ball

Both: Cinderelly was the maiden at the ball

Prince (speaking): Woah, woah, woah, wait. You're telling me I'm under a magic spell?

Jaq (speaking): And here's the worst part!

Jaq: When Cinderelly tried to fight and take a stand

Gus: Take a stand

Jaq: Mean old lady had her banished from the land

Gus (crying): Oh no no no oh no no oh!

Jaq (speaking): Gus Gus!

Gus (speaking): Duh, sorry.

Jaq: Cinderelly's on a ship that's gonna sail her far away

Gus: So it's up to Princey Prince to save the day

Jaq: Save the day

Both: Cause at the ball, at the ball, at the ball

Gus: What a ball

Jaq: Cinderelly won your heart

Gus: Now magic's keeping you apart

Both: And she'll soon be gone forever

Jaq: Unless you can recall

Both: That Cinderelly was the maiden at the ball!

At the ball.


Both: At the ball! At the ball!

Jaq: We showed old Princey after all!

Both: That Cinderelly! Was the maiden! At the ball!


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