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Ask Her a Question is the first song of My Fair Hatey in Wander Over Yonder .


Wander: The heart of a lady
Is a mysterious thing
That scientists have wrestled with for years...

Hater: Wait. What's happening?

Wander: Your approach so far has lacked
A certain gentlemanly tact.
It's time to reassess your presentation
Redirect your conversations with...

Hater: I have no idea what you're singing about.

Wander: What I mean is...

Hater: A question?
Wander: Something about herself,
A question!
Hater: A question?
Wander: You gotta focus on someone else.
A question!
Hater: A question?
Wander: Something to show her
That you'd really like to get to know her,
Then listen...
Hater: Listen?!
Wander: Hear what she has to say
And follow up...
Hater: Huh?
Wander: With some follow-up repartee
Then listen...
Hater: More listening?!
Wander: Always remember
There's a heart inside that scary armor.

There's no shortage of fellas... (Watchdogs: No shortage of fellas...)
Who prattle on and on about themselves... (On and on about themselves...)
Flex their muscles or pump up their chests
Well, that's a perfect way to bore a lady to death.

A question.
Hater: Again?!
Wander: Something about herself,
A question.
Hater: I did!
Wander: You gotta focus on someone else.
If you wanna win her,
Show some interest in her.
If you wanna date her,
Try to formulate a question.

Alright, Hater. Give it a shot!
Hater: Um, okay. Have you ever noticed how incredibly impressive I am?
Wander: No!
Hater: Who wants to date the galaxy's most charismatic dictator? You do!
Wander: Try again.
Hater: What's your favorite...
Wander: Uh-huh?
Hater: of my many, many outstanding traits? Mine's my humility!
Wander: No! From the top!

There's no shortage of fellas... (Watchdogs: No shortage of fellas...)
Who prattle on and on about themselves... (On and on about themselves...)
Flex their muscles or pump up their chests
Well, that's a perfect way to bore a lady to death.

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