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"As Long as There's a Moon" is a song sung by Phoebus (Alan Menken) & Esmeralda (plus Clopin and the Gypsies) in the Court of Miracles from Disney's 1996 animated film The Hunchback of Notre Dame.


Like In a Place of Miracles, this sequence was supposed to occur right after Esmeralda stops the lynching of Quasimodo and Phoebus. The song was another attempt at a romantic/gypsy song, but it was deleted for focusing too much on Esmeralda and Phoebus and replaced by the reprise of The Bells of Notre Dame from the end of the battle sequence and Frollo's death.


Clopin: (speaking & laughing) We'll have our party after all!

(singing): Hanging or wedding, well, what does it matter
You're sure to be roped at the end of the day
Wedding or hanging, the former, the latter, we know either way
You're going to pay

Phoebus (speaking) Hey!

Clopin: Now, now, the groom must pay the bride price. It's another custom.

(singing) But we can't have a wedding planned
Without a wedding band

We need some music so tambourines clatter and break out the fiddles
And play gypsies play

(speaking): No, no, no. Something romantic to set the mood. Ah, that's better.

Gypsies: La la la la la, la la la
Sing a wedding song tonight
For the pretty bride to show her
We're sharing the glow

Clopin: Though our moon is just a lantern
Still she's shining big and bright
On this happy scene below her

Gypsies & Clopin: So, as long as there's a moon
To wish on
So, as long as there's a song
To croon
We'll throw the wedding jug to keep tradition

Clopin: And hope your love will last
As long as there's a moon

(speaking) One, two, three, a thousand pieces.
That means your marriage will last a thousand years.
And now we must have the joining of the hands.
If our King of Fools will preside.

Quasimodo: (speaking) No, I can't. I...

Phoebus: (speaking) You might as well give in my friend.
I think we're all helpless here.

(singing): Who am I to fight the power?
Of candlelight and mandolins

Seems it would be awfully rude now
Telling them no

Once they start the bridal shower
Once the wedding march begins

Who am I to spoil the mood now?

Phoebus and Esmeralda: So, as long as there's a moon, above us
Oh, it seems a shame to waste this tune
You know
We all want someone to love us
I guess I'll love you
As long as there's a moon

Everyone: They say the moon is like a gypsy
She casts a spell and then she's gone
We know life is strange
Everything could change
With the dawn
Let the night go on
As long as there's a moon
To guide us
Don't let the morning come too soon
You know
We all want someone beside us
None of us a truly solitaire
Every moon is new when someone cares
I will care for you
As long as there's a moon


This sequence has storyboards drawn by Paul and Gaëtean Brizzi and Fred Craig.

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