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"Art Museum Piece" is the twenty-first and final episode of the first season of Wizards of Waverly Place.


When Alex decides to use magic to take a shortcut on her Art History Assignment, she brings historical masterpieces to life, such as Mona Lisa, The Blue Boy, Vincent van Gogh, and The Scream, in order to answer questions on her worksheet correctly. Meanwhile, Max and Jerry play football in the house using a spell which spreads to Theresa.


  • Frames and figures, step out of your pictures – bring a picture to life
  • Pictures and faces, return to your places (place and year) – return a picture that was previously brought to life
  • Gothru Mothru – charm an object to move through anything

Guest stars: Julie Brown as Ms. Marinovich, Danielle Bisutti as Mona Lisa, Britt Prentice as Babe Ruth

Co-stars: Amanda Tepe as Elaine the Security Guard (the crazy lady with the flashlight), Amy D. Higgins as Garbage Lady, Keeshan Giles as Burly Customer, Boris Kievsky as "The Scream", Mark Rickard as Vincent van Gogh, Michael Stancliff as Blue Boy

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