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Arnold Schwarzenegger
Background information
Born: Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger
July 30, 1947 (age 66)
Thal, Austria
Cause of death:
Alternate names: Arnold Strong, Arnie
Occupation(s): Former professional bodybuilder, actor, businessman, investor, and politician
Years active: 1969-2004, 2010-present
Spouse(s): Maria Shriver (1986-2011)
Children: Katherine, Christina, Patrick, Christopher, and Joseph

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger (born July 30, 1947) is an Austrian-American former professional bodybuilder, actor, businessman, investor, and politician who served two terms as the 38th Governor of California from 2003 until 2011.

He played Prince Hapi in Disney's 2004 comedy adventure film, Around the World in 80 Days (as it was his final film before he took a hiatus from acting). He was also spoofed by Genie in Aladdin and his role as The Terminator was spoofed by Genie again in the Aladdin (TV series). Arnold Mousenegger from the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers animated series was named after and based on him. In Beverly Hills Chihuahua, during the scene where after Monte and his tribe of Chihuahuas save Chloe and Delgado from 3 mountain lions, he quotes: "Come with us if you want to live."; a reference to 1 of Arnold Schwarzenegger's title character's famous lines "Come with me if you want to live." from Terminator 2.


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