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Argon City is a location on the the Grid. It is the main setting in Tron: Uprising.

Points of interest

Able's Garage

Able's garage is a vehicle repair and experimentation area where Beck, Zed and Mara work. The facility is spacious and can accommodate a wide range of vehicles, from small civilian transportation to heavy military vehicles. The office from which Able managed the garage was also the home of several antique items, including an original Bit and the baton for the ENCOM-786.

The Coliseum

The Coliseum is a massive, circular arena for competitive games such as Disc Wars, light cycle battles, jousting, and one-on-one combat. Though drawing large crowds, the Games at Argon's Coliseum are used as a deadly punishment for dissidents, refereed by General Tesler, who also occasionally summoned the entire population to the Coliseum to hear announcements. 

Argon Park

Argon Park was the main recreation area for the programs of Argon City until it was taken over by General Tesler. A giant statue of Clu was rezzed right in the middle of the playing field, but the statue was destroyed by Beck in his first act as the Renegade. There is still a popular jai alai court in the park, frequented by both locals and sentries.

A light rail station at Argon Park is a hub for local trains, as well as an express line to Purgos.

Argon Refueling Tower

A complex of numerous massive red towers which rise to meet incoming ships. General Tesler's ship docks there every five days to refuel. 


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