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Arendelle Castle
Background Information
Feature films Frozen
Short films Frozen Fever
Television programs Once Upon a Time
Video games
Park attractions
Inspiration Stave Churches
Other Information
Other names
Location Arendelle
Ruler(s) The King and Queen of Arendelle (formerly)
Hans (briefly)
Elsa (queen)
Anna (princess)
Inhabitants Kristoff
Kai and Gerda
Other castle servants
Castle Guards
Visitors Hans, the Duke of Weselton, the Duke of Weselton's Thugs, The Dignitaries, Rapunzel, Flynn Rider
Final state Relieved of winter and is still standing
Arendelle Castle is the home of Anna and Elsa in the film, Frozen. It is located in a defensive position guarding the fjord that leads to Arendelle's harbor. Due to Elsa's unstable control of her powers, the castle grounds were considered off-limits to the outside world by her parents, out of concern for the kingdom's protection, along with Anna's and Elsa's as well.

After 13 years, Anna helps Elsa finally gain control of her powers, declaring to never again close the castle gates, therefore allowing visitors into the castle.

Places of Interest


Originally the castle of Arendelle was only going to be designed with a few motifs from the stave church, but the Art Director of Frozen, John Lasseter, encouraged the artists to fully celebrate holistically the unique qualities of these structures.

The east side of the castle is where the main gates are located below a clock and in between two smaller doors, one on each side, all connected to Arendelle via a bridge. The doors to the castle are directly across from these gates and to the left and right of the gates are towers. The only tower on the right and the immediate one on the left are equidistant from the gates, identical and bear a shield with Arendelle's crest. Along the wall between the gates and these two towers are shields of various design and color, each unique. There is a slightly taller tower further left at the end of the east wall, and across from the first left tower is the front end of the chapel where Elsa is crowned.

The north side of Arendelle's castle is the most fortified with four towers, each of differing shape, height and width, and a thick, protruding and high stone wall. On the furthest right is the tallest and widest tower to the left of that is a shorter, square-shaped tower and between the two is the fortified, protruding wall. To the left of this tower seems to be a part of the castle based on the similar design of a spire and the roof. Across from the back side of the chapel is a heavier, square-shaped tower, wider and shorter than the other. And to the left of that is the end of the north wall and a more familiar though shorter tower with a similar circle shape and cylindrical roof design as the towers on the east side of the castle.

The south side is connected to the lighthouse which is one of the two structures marking the opening in which ships must pass through to enter into Arendelle. Anna sees the ships coming in from this side during "For the First Time in Forever".

There are many candelabras and paintings seen along the walls of the castle and only a few doors are decorated compared to the many, white, single-doors seen throughout the castle.

One staircase is shown spiralling down along the right during "For the First Time in Forever" with two separate, white doors on the walls . A circular painting and several suits of armors along the wall are at the bottom of this staircase. Only one other staircase is shown in the castle if the one young Elsa and Anna used to go build a snowman, and the staircase Elsa and her parents are seen in front of, are the same one.


  • The name 'Arendelle' is based on the Norwegian town of Arendal, which is located south-west of the Norwegian capital, Oslo.
  • The scene where Elsa and Anna were playing in the Great Hall by turning it into a winter wonderland with Elsa's winter magic in the ballroom may also be a hint towards the ending, when after being accepted by the citizens and visitors for her magical nature, she turns the turns the courtyard into an ice rink, even saying if their ready, being only slightly different between the two times: "Ready?" as a child, and "Are you ready?" as an adult.
    • The Great Hall is also where Anna learns about Elsa's winter magical nature once again, along with the citizens and the visitors. While as children it would be a happy experience, as adults it would be a terrifying experience for the citizens, visitors, Anna and more importantly for Elsa.


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