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Background Information
Feature films Frozen
Television programs Once Upon a Time
Video games Olaf's Quest
Frozen: Free Fall
Park attractions
Inspiration Arendal, Aust-Agder, Norway

Nærøyfjord, Aurland, Norway

Other Information
Other names
Location Norway
Ruler(s) Queen Idun and King Agdar (formerly; deceased)
Elsa (queen)
Anna (princess)
Hans (briefly; usurper)
Inhabitants Kristoff, Sven, Olaf, Oaken, Kai and Gerda, Castle Guards, Wolves, Oaken, Arendelle Citizens
Visitors Hans, The Duke of Weselton, The Duke's bodyguards, The Dignitaries, Rapunzel, Flynn Rider
Final state Relieved of winter and is still standing
Arendelle is the name of the kingdom in the film Frozen. It is the Norwegian-inspired home to Princess Anna and Queen Elsa.


Due to the unstable nature of Elsa's powers, until Elsa could learn to control her winter magic, the castle was closed off for 13 years following the late king's orders; this was done for Elsa's safety, as well as the safety of Anna. On the day of Elsa's coronation, when her magical abilities were unintentionally exposed to the public by Anna, Elsa accidentally triggered severe winter weather conditions upon running away that froze the kingdom. While Anna searched for Elsa who had traveled into the mountains, Hans took on the task of protecting the kingdom. Towards the end of the film, thanks to Anna's efforts and love for her sister, Elsa found the courage to undo the eternal winter and peace was restored to the kingdom; Hans was sent back to his homeland to face punishment from his 12 brothers for his actions of treason against the princess and queen and expelling the Duke of Weselton a.k.a "Weasel-town" from the kingdom.

Time Period

Rapunzel and Flynn in Arendelle

The time period could be in the 1840s or during a post-Napoleonic/Industrial Revolution era judging by the clothing and fashion of being ascots and waistcoats (the castle guards are dressed like the British 95th Rifles). Also, bikes are mentioned by young Anna in Do You Want to Build a Snowman.

There are fans who believe the time period in Frozen is in the 1780s since Tangled takes place during the 1780s and Frozen takes place 3 years after Tangled; Rapunzel and Eugene Fitzherbert are seen during For the First Time in Forever.

Official Crest

Arendelle flag

This is shown everywhere: inside the castle, on poles and flags within the kingdom

The official crest of Arendelle is the crocus, appearing on various items within the kingdom such as banners, capes, flags, uniforms, wallpaper, clothing and jewellery. The colors green and purple, and to a lesser extent yellow, are associated and prominent with the kingdom of Arendelle. Crest designs usually encompass the golden yellow stylized crocus, emblazoned on a background that is purple on the left half and green on the right half. On Elsa's profile banner, the purple left half of the background is darker, and the right half is a darker yellow..

Places of Interest


  • The name 'Arendelle' is based on the Norwegian town of Arendal, located in the county of Aust-Agder, to the southwest of the Norwegian capital, Oslo. However, the scenery of Arendelle is based primarily on Nærøyfjord in western Norway, as well as various buildings in Oslo, Bergen, and other Norwegian cities.
  • In Norwegian, 'Aren' is possibly derived from 'ørn' which means "eagle", and 'delle' is most likely derived from 'dal' which means "valley".
  • Another meaning for 'Aren' may be from Hebrew 'Aaron' which means "mountain of strength".
  • The crocus is a symbol of rebirth and spring. In cold regions, the flower blooms while snow is still on the ground.
  • The eternal winter Elsa caused may be a representation about how in the northern reaches of Norway winter will last from 8-10 months.
  • Reading further into the meaning of this kingdom's name, it's interesting to note that Walt Disney's own great-grandfather was named Arundel Disney.


Concept Art


Frozen - Poster

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