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The Arcade Prizes are the digital points, medals, coins and trophies players win in Litwak's Arcade, through the digital/game characters in the Wreck-It Ralph film.

Fix-It Felix Medal

Wreck-it-ralph-disneyscreencaps com-10983 - Copy

Felix Medal in the Game

After players help Felix fix Ralph's damage on the Nicelanders' home, the clouds part to revel a gold medal that places itself around Felix's neck, before the Nicelanders throw Ralph off their roof. After each game and when the arcade is closed for the night, Felix places the medal(s) he got that day with the other medals that he won through the years.

To players, it has Felix's name engraved on the gold, while in the game itself Felix's hammer is on it.

Medal of Heroes

Main article: Medal of Heroes
Medal Of Heroes

Medal of Heroes

As Sergeant Calhoun and her team help the player(s) get past the Cy-Bugs and up to the tower in Hero's Duty, General Hologram rewards the players with a gold medal with the word "Hero" on top of a star on the front and an American eagle is on the back.

What the people in the game do with the medal (or medals) after each game is unknown. Place it back in the tower or with the other past medals, while a new medal regenerates.

Winner's Cup

W-IR - Winner's Cup

Winner's Cup (Through the consul's screen)

The Winner's Cup is rewarded to the Sugar Rush Racer that comes in first place, through a player or on their own as they challenge the players.

When the race boards reloads for the next daily racers, the racers place gold coins into the cup so they could pay their way into the race and when a racer wins the cup, they also win the coins in it.

Vanellope's Medal

Vanellope's Medal

Vanellope's Medal for Ralph (Front and Back)

Vanellope's Medal may not be a real medal, like the ones Felix wins and the one she used to pay her way into the race, but she wanted to make sure that Ralph returns to his game with his own medal around his neck.

She was worried that she wouldn't be able to come in first place and get Ralph's medal back from the cup, so she made a 'back-up' medal for him and to Ralph it became more important than the gold medal that 'would' have made him feel like a hero.

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