Aquanette "Aqua" Walker, Aqua for short and sister Anginette. Her character is also used in The Cheetah Girls, where she is portrayed by Kiely Williams . She has a warm personality. She and Anginette Walker live on the Upper West Side. Aqua is very religious, and attends church every Sunday.Unlike her sister, she is aggressive, and speaks her mind when she is unhappy.


Not much is know about her, except that her and her twin moved with their father to New York.


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Physical Appearance

Aqua is a black female. She had dark brown hair in the first two movies. In the last one, she has black hair. She was a slight build.


  • She has three pets: two guinea pigs and a dog.
  • Her interests include horror movies, animals, and one day becoming a doctor.
  • Aqua constantly carries hot sauce in her purse.