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April Pooh is the second segment of the sixth episode of the third season of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. It originally aired on October 13, 1990.


Pooh is in bed and dreaming of guess what? However, when he wakes up his honey pot is empty - his dream must have had a midnight snack without him. However, he has no honey in his cupboard... There's a pot of honey on his table, but the 'honey' is gray and very, very sticky... There's lots of pots of honey outside his house. "April Fool" calls Christopher Robin. Pooh wonders if this April Fool is someone to be afraid of or not... Piglet calls for help. Piglet has goggles and a floaty on and towels... He's terrified that his place is underwater, but his floor is not wet... However at Piglet's windows, gold fishes are seen swimming... Maybe the flood is hiding somewhere. Pooh finds out that it's a trick. Pooh tells him that this April Fool likes to play tricks and this is his day. They look for the April fool at Tigger's. However, Tigger's got spots... His beautiful stupidities, nowhere to be seen, but Pooh notices it's a PJ suit... Rabbit goes into his garden and sees and enormous carrot and is pleased with himself, but it's a large balloon, and Rabbit floats up into the sky, when the carrot bursts, and he demands to know what's going on and wonder why no one's seen the April Fool. They're disguised as trees to find the invisible April Fool... and they scare Eeyore on the process. He thinks they've been turned into stumps, but they tell him they're pretending... They try to trap the Fool by setting Tigger traps around Eeyore's house with a pretend Eeyore. Someone's coming... He comes behind them, but it's only Christopher Robin. They've trapped themselves and accidentally trap him. They tell Chris that they're scared of the April Fool. Chris tells them that he was the one doing the April Fooling, though the tricks weren't meant to frighten. Honey for Pooh, gentle pets for Piglet, cuddly pajamas for Tigger and a balloon for Rabbit. But they played the best trick on Christopher Robin, so they're the April Fools.



Voice actor Character
Jim Cummings Winnie the Pooh and Tigger
John Fiedler Piglet
Ken Sansom Rabbit
Peter Cullen Eeyore
Tim Hoskins Christopher Robin


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