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Antie was an ant that was a character in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. His vocal noises are provided by Frank Welker.


Antie was a younger ant that resided in the backyard of the Szalinskis. He would come in contact with the Szalinski's kids, Amy and Nick, and their two neighbors Ron Thompson and Russ Thompson, Jr., when the four were shrunk by Wayne Szalinski's shrinking machine. The kids, who were eating from a cookie, were initially frightened off. However, they realized that the ant was not much more than a baby, and chose to befriend him after realizing that he could be used as a mode of transportation. Given the nickname Antie, he was "driven" by Ron, using a cookie chunk as motivation. When night fell, Ron attempted to let Antie go free, but by this time, Antie had grown attached to the group and refused to leave.

Later on that night, the kids were attacked by a scorpion. Antie would come to their rescue despite the odds, allowing the kids to escape. However, Antie would be stung by the Scorpion and was poisoned as a result. Though the kids were able to wound and drive off the Scorpion, Antie would die of his injuries, leaving the kids, especially Ron, to mourn his sacrifice.

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