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Annie Gale is a minor but pivotal character in the 2013 Disney fantasy film Oz the Great and Powerful and is portrayed by Michelle Williams, who also portrayed Glinda the Good Witch of the South.


Annie is a beautiful young woman, who appears to kind and compassionate. She had a love affair with Oscar Diggs in the past, but it is clear the both of them are still fond of each other. Much like her Oz counterpart, Glinda, she encourages him to realize the goodness in himself.


Oz the Great and Powerful

After his disastrous show, Oz is told by Frank that a certain lady-friend has come calling, he sees Annie and welcolmes her into his caravan for tea. Annie tells Oz that she watched the show and was sorry for what happened. She then explains that a local man named John Gale has asked for her hand in marriage, but she wants Oz's advice on what she should do. Oz halfheartedly tells Annie that John is a good man and she should accept his proposal. Nonetheless, Annie tells Oz that she knows he is capable of both goodness and the greatness he has always dreamed of, he must only embrace it.

It is hinted that Annie marries John Gale and becomes the mother of Dorothy Gale. This would also make Annie the sister-in-law of Uncle Henry and Aunt Em.


  • Annie serves as counterpart to Glinda, as Frank was with Finley and the Girl in the wheelchair is with China Girl.
  • Given that Dorothy Gale is commonly depicted as an orphan at the time of her adventures in Oz, it is unknown if Annie or her husband John will appear in any sequel to Oz the Great and Powerful.
  • Annie wears a gingham dress, a pattern famously associated with Dorothy Gale.

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